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Welcome to my Blog….

 A little bit about me…. My name is Leticia and I currently live in Bakersfield, CA… (The hot city!!  LOL)   I have been married to my wonderful husband since March 10, 2007.  We have 1 furrbaby, his name is Brodi.  The purpose of this blog is to help out anyone that wants to save some money while having fun couponing.

I started couponing in January 2009 when my husband took a pay cut and lost his overtime at work….We thought it would be no problem…but boy was I wrong….To give you an idea it was almost a $1000 pay cut.  So I took the initiative to start looking at ways to save us money and I stumbled upon several couponing websites.  I slowly started using coupons and soon enough I stopped buying shampoo, deodorants, cleaning supplies….mainly health and beauty supplies…  I had a little stash of things for my husband and myself that would last us for a couple of months so that was a little help in our budget.  Eventually I just kept using coupons and looking for sales in our weekly ads and then I had a MASS of things that of course with only 2 people you cannot use fast enough.  So we started going to the flea market to sell a couple of excess things…I don’t remember exactly how much we made that time but it was significant because ever since we have been going to sell our “overstock” at least once a month.

Well that is it for now…I will update more later once I get the hang of this blog “thing”.

If you would like to know anything else about me just ask.

By the way I am in no way affiliated by CVS..I do not work there…I just shop there  🙂